Nubsio is a Windows 7, 8 or 10 USB interface to connect your PC to the external world and talk to electronic components or devices.

Communicating with an temperature sensor, an EEPROM, a graphic screen or an 32x8 LED matrix using the SPI or I2C protocol is similar to using an API over TCP socket.

Nusbio uses plug and play extensions ready for programming. You can start with a minimum knowledge in electricity and no need to solder.

To start Nusbio offers :

  • 8 digital Input/Output pins (or GPIO) with support of the SPI and I2C protocols
  • 8 analog to digital pins (as extension)
  • Programmable in any .NET language


Start programming hardware by learning how to control RGB LEDs and the SPI protocol.

Source Code - Tutorial - How to get started? - Source Code - Combo $20



1 temperature sensor, 1 light sensor and 1 motion sensor, 1 button and 1 LED programmable in .NET

Source Code - Combo $25

LED matrix

Learn about shift register, the MAX7219 chip, multiplexing and the SPI protocol.
It's not that hard, if you know how to write code you can do it. You can control from 1 to 8 8x8 LED matrix chained together.

Source Code - Tutorial - Combo $20

Graphic screen

This is a 128 x 64 pixel, black & white, 0.96 inch graphic screen (AKA OLED).
Programmable using the SPI protocol. Our open source sample library support 2 chips: the SH1106 and SSD1306. Implementing new driver for other graphic screen is good exercice in term of datasheet reading, bit transfer optimization. It is doable.

Source Code - Photos - Video - Combo $20


Learn about Liquid Crystal Display, the Hitachi hd44780 standard, 16x2 or 20x4 columns/rows.
We also support i2c LCD.

Source Code: Demo - Libraries - Tutorial

Source Code: i2c demo Combo $20

RGB LED strips

Source Code - Tutorial

Analog Input

With the Analog Extension, talk to 5V analog devices like a light sensor, motion sensor or a temperature sensor.

Source Code - Tutorial

7 segment display

Learn about shift register, the MAX7219 chip, multiplexing and the SPI protocol.
You can control 8 digits with one MAX7219 and up to 64 digits with 8 MAX7219 chained together.

Source Code - Tutorial

How about powershell?

PowerShell can do it too!

Source Code - Tutorial

How about F#?

F# can do it too!

Source Code

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